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The Back Yard

The back yard is the least advanced of the various areas around the house.  We used to have a 16 x 32 above-ground pool (in the aerial photo, you can see its footprint behind the garage, to the left through the bare trees), but the pool fatigued and had to be taken down.  For a while, all we had was a sand-bar where the pool was, while we spent about a year figuring out what we wanted to do with this reclaimed part of our yard.  We finally decided to build a pergola-style arbor in the general vicinity of where the pool was, designed and sized to supply shade in the summer, to fit a table and chairs for yard entertaining, and to accommodate the big rope hammock we all enjoy.  We've built one of (eventually) two wrapping raised beds so far, added a babbling fountain, and planted lots of various flowers and climbing plants.  But it still looks a bit barren out there without good grass yet.



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