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Welcome to Lynn's Gardens

This web site is devoted to gardening, and specifically to gardening and the gardens around the Family TreeHouse.  But first, a disclaimer: This is not a shrine to how perfect we are as gardeners, because we're not.  We sometimes forget to deadhead the marigolds or feed the roses or weed the hospital bed, usually for very good reasons (or at least they seem so at the time!) but sometimes just because we're feeling a little lazy and we don't want to do it.

The web site is not finished yet, but we wanted to post what we have now, and then post additional and more detailed pages as we get them finished.  That means you'll need to check back from time to time!

We hope you enjoy the pictures and the descriptions. Click on the menu across the top of each page to go to that page topic.

If you have any questions about any of the plants or flowers, feel free to send Lynn an email.....


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